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About Us

Have you ever lost an entire night reading a good book?  Anxiously awaited midnight on the drop date, with your e-reader firmly in your grasp, ready to dive in and not come up for air until you reach that last page?  Waited in line at a crowded store with all the other “kooks” (you know, […]

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About Melody

“I’m never wrong, just misunderstood.” I’ve said that very line many times. Especially when it pertains to books. Like a bloodhound, once I catch the scent of a good book, I’m on it’s trail, baying to all within shouting distance “OMG YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!” Of course some people are harder to convince […]

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About Marian

No photo available!?! canadian viagra price It’s the story of our lives. We actually had better luck snapping a pic of the cryptozoological phenomenon known as “Bigfoot”! While Marian bears no physical resemblance whatsoever to Bigfoot, much like bigfoot, you may go your entire life without spotting her, and yet her presence will be made […]

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About Amanda

Coming soon…… Amanda’s bookshelf: read Amanda’s favorite books » Share book reviews and ratings with Amanda, and even join a book club on Goodreads.

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